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Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis And Ben Simmons Spotted Hanging Out In Los Angeles Amid Trade Rumors

Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis And Ben Simmons Spotted Hanging Out In Los Angeles Amid Trade Rumors

The 2022 NBA offseason has brought us many rumors, especially regarding the top title favorites before the start of last season. The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were a complete disaster last campaign, getting zero playoff wins combined after looking like the best candidates to come out of their respective conferences. 

This situation has led to many rumors regarding their players, as some think they need to make some changes to improve their level and compete for a title next year. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Ben Simmons have all been mentioned in potential trades, but so far, nothing has happened. 

Three of these players were recently spotted hanging out in Los Angeles, perhaps doing some recruiting job for their respective teams. Recently, footage of Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Ben Simmons in LA surfaced, making a lot of noise on social media. 

Of course, fans had a lot to say about this, with some claiming KD and Simmons were recruiting AD to the Nets, while others said the opposite, claiming that Durant or Simmons would be joining the Lakers soon. 

Amid all these trade rumors, seeing these three players together is suspicious, to say the least. Of course, they could be just spending time together as friends and nothing else. Yet, with the current situation in the NBA, perhaps this meeting went beyond that and we could see a big move happening soon. 

Meanwhile, Durant hasn't withdrawn his trade request from the Nets, which has stopped a potential trade for Kyrie Irving. If they don't make this move, then Kyrie and Simmons stay in Brooklyn to run it back, while the Lakers keep interested in the veteran point guard, as they're looking for ways to part with Russell Westbrook. 

Maybe these players can make possible what front offices have struggled to complete this offseason.