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Kevin Durant isn't somebody who backs down when people try to bring him down. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has clashed several times with people in the media. Given the recent developments, this isn't changing shortly. 

In the wake of the Nets dominating the Milwaukee Bucks, 125-86, Jay Williams claimed that Durant didn't like being compared to Giannis Antetokounmpo, the best player on the rival team. On Tuesday's edition of ESPN's Get Up!, Jay claimed that KD came to him and asked him to never compare him to the Greek Freak. 

"Kevin Durant comes up to me and says, 'Yo, don't you ever, EVER compare me to Giannis."'

This didn't sit well with KD; the player called Williams out on social media, labeling him a liar on Instagram. 

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Moreover, Durant took to Twitter and sent a tweet to clarify that he won't disrespect a player like that while saying that Williams just wants to make headlines using fake quotes. 

"Mans will do anything to advance their careers in this media shit, wanting to be accepted by an industry that will dispose of you whenever they please. Keep me out all that corny ass talk about whos better and legacy and all that dumb ass shit. I don’t even talk like that."

This season has seen KD go against several media members, including Michael Rapaport and Shannon Sharpe. Of course, this isn't something new for him, but there's something about the player that makes him an easy target. 

However, he's not one to mess with, and he keeps proving that time and time again.