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Kevin Durant Calls Kendrick Perkins A 'Sell Out' And Retweets A Video Of Perkins Airballing A Jumper

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

The beef between Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins is anything but finished after KD defended his friend and teammate Kyrie Irving on Wednesday following Perks' accusations towards the point guard. Kyrie has been a very famous name around the league in the last couple of days after he showed his concern about the league resuming season amid nationwide protests against racism.

This sparked any kind of debate with people agreeing or attacking Kyrie. Perkins is part of the second group and he's been going with everything on Irving, calling him any type of name, claiming this wouldn't be happening if he was invited to the bubble location in Orlando to accompany his team. Well, Irving has people who defend him and KD is one of those.

On an Instagram post with one of Perkins quotes attacking Kyrie, KD left a short but strong comment, "sell out."

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Moreover, he took to Twitter to sent more messages to Perk, first, he retweeted a video where the 2008 NBA champion appeared airballing a jumper. If that wasn't enough, he did the same with a series of tweets from Wilson Chandler that put Perkins as a sell out, too.

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The animosity between these two isn't something new. They've engaged in a feud for quite some time now and this situation only made things worse. Perkins explained he took it light with Kyrie, so we don't know what else he's going to say about the Brooklyn Nets PG.