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Kevin Durant: "I Have A Burner Twitter Account Still"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest and most talented basketball players of all time, there's no denying that. However, he's become a bit of a villain lately for the way he's acted since leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It seems like Durant has an urge to clap back at every single person who doubts him or criticize him. I mean, he's making millions of dollars and is recognized as a future Hall of Famer, yet he just can't let anything slide on Social Media.

That's how people realized that he had a burner account. Notably, he used it to defend himself for leaving the Thunder, while also bashing some of his former teammates, which clearly didn't sit well on the internet.

Durant closed that burner account but recently admitted on an interview for Barstool Big Cat's Podcast that he's got another one and he's not embarrassed to use it:

"At first, I was a little embarrassed but after a while its like really? It's just social media. When people use the burner thing against me they only thought I was on there to talk sh*t. I was really indulging in a lot of different communities on my burner. These people (fans) made me delete what I enjoy, which is my burner account. So I got another one. Talk to friends and do my own thing on the side," Durant said.

Even though he's an NBA superstar, Durant is also a human and deserves to have some time off the clock like all of us. He's entitled to have as many social media accounts as he pleases and use them to the better of his needs.

Then again, it's still kind of hilarious to realize how he was caught using his burner account to throw shade at other players. Next time, he should take better care and double-check which account he's using.