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Kevin Durant On Comparisons Between Team USA And The Rest Of The World: “Talk About They Catching Up To Us. Are You Serious. This Skill Is Unmatched.”


Kevin Durant didn't appreciate all the nasty comments about the 2021 Team USA. The Brooklyn Nets superstar traveled to Tokyo with a mission. Even though the squad had a rocky preparation, they knew they had a big chance to get the gold medal. 

After all this was confirmed on Friday night, with an 87-82 win over France, Durant had some things to get off his chest. Following a shocking loss against the European country in the tournament's first game, people started downplaying this team. 

FIBA even created a power ranking where they ranked fourth, behind Slovenia, France and Australia. Well, none of that mattered in the end as Durant led his team to the promised land, dropping 29 points and grabbing six rebounds against Les Bleus. 

He sent a big message to doubters following the game, reminding everybody that the skill isn't going away. Even though other countries have improved their level and international players dominate in the association, Team USA keeps the throne in international basketball. 

"Everybody who said we were going to take the L . . . They had some power rankings out. They had us fourth behind Slovenia. Come on, man," Durant said. "Talking about they're catching up to us, like, are you serious? This skill is unmatched, you dig?

"Shoutout to everybody that won this gold, everybody that chipped in and helped out. We're going to the press conference, but I had to talk my s— real quick."

As you may know by now, Durant isn't somebody who will keep quiet when people talk bad about him. The 2x NBA champion is never afraid of speaking his mind regardless of who can feel offended by his comments. 

Well, he's a three-time gold medalist and has every right to call out people who doubted him and this team. Team USA completed the circle, beating France after losing the first game of the tournament against them. Durant was on another level, and so was his trash talking after the game.