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Kevin Garnett On Michael Jordan: "Whenever I See Him, He Palms My Head And Says, ‘Remember The Game I Gave You 40 In Three Quarters?’"

(via OpenCourt-Basketball)

(via OpenCourt-Basketball)

Among other things, Michael Jordan has a talent for trash talk. Throughout his NBA career, the guy was always jawing against his opponents, quick to remind them how much better at the game he was.

Even now, long after Jordan's career has ended, the guy continues to talk trash -- especially to guys who he has torched in the past.

According to former NBA star Kevin Garnett, every time he and MJ meet up, the Bulls legend is quick to hark back to the time he gave him 40 in three quarters.

“Whenever I see Jordan he palms my head and says, ‘Remember the game I gave you 40 in three quarters?’ And then he has this sidekick around him and he’s like, ‘Pull that up.’ And then a guy goes and pulls it up! I’m like, ‘Who walks around with content? Like, tee it up.”

It's no surprise to hear that Jordan is trash-talking KG. Jordan was giving that guy buckets at 38-years-old -- and that's just the type of thing you don't let anyone forget.

What's much more surprising is that "sidekick" of Jordan who was so quick to pull up the clips. Can you imagine being that guy who travels with Jordan and your job is just to carry around a tablet to help trash talk NBA HOFers? That's got to be some gig, man.