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Kevin Harlan Makes Fun Of Lou Williams' Strip Club Visit, Ask For Chicken Wings On Live Broadcast

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Kevin Harlan has shown he has no chill after he cracked an epic joke on Lou Williams' visit to the Magic City strip club. Lou Will got himself involved in controversy after he left the bubble to attend his grandfather's funeral. Everything was fine with Williams going to the ceremony, but after that, he took a different route that sparked a big controversy around the league.

The guard was spotted with a rapper in a strip club in Atlanta and everybody went crazy. Williams tried to defend himself saying he was picking up some food but the fans aren't convinced that is the truth. Several people started defending the player, making the case for the chicken wings that the club serves.

Well, now more people want to try those wings, including Harlan, who put in a request to get those chicken wings for the NBA resumption. Harlan Harlan alluded to Magic City during Tuesday night’s Celtics vs. Rockets game on TNT, asking if they could get some chicken wings for the night everything restarts at the bubble.

“I wanna see how much pull we have in the city of Atlanta, see if we can get some of those chicken wings sent down here to Orlando,” said Harlan, while Miller laughed. “We can celebrate the restart with those wings.”

Harlan is beloved around the NBA community. He's a very cool guy and this comment put him on another level. It remains to be seen if Williams gets offended by this, as he did with Kendrick Perkins recently. Perk compared the veteran with Zion Williamson and that led to an exchange of Williams, teammate Montrezl Harrell and the NBA analyst.

Harlan made a request and it was actually really fun. It would be great if he gets his wish granted today.