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Klay Thompson Believes Andrew Wiggins Should Be An All-Star: "One Of The Best Two-Way Players In The Game."

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Warriors Executive On Trading Andrew Wiggins- "Am I Going To Tell Him That He Will Never Get Traded At Any Point? No."

Andrew Wiggins is a very polarizing player. A lot of people viewed him as a negative player during his time in Minnesota, claiming that he was inefficient and a bad defender. But since getting traded to the Golden State Warriors, Andrew Wiggins has thrived as a two-way player who gives the team an offensive punch while guarding the best opposing players.

This season, Andrew Wiggins has continued to be the No. 2 option for the Warriors in Klay Thompson's absence, averaging 18.7 PPG. He has also played great defense. Klay Thompson has recently suggested that Andrew Wiggins deserves an All-Star selection for the way he has played.

One of the best two-way player in the game on the best team in the league. No question he deserves it.

We'll see if this sort of play from Wiggins continues. Andrew Wiggins has long been regarded as an inconsistent player, which was one of the reasons he was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

With that being said, it seems as though the Golden State Warriors were able to better maximize his skillset and put him in a position to find success. The Warriors definitely knew what they were doing when trading for the athletic forward, and governor Joe Lacob has previously claimed that the D'Angelo Russell - Andrew Wiggins trade was the greatest trade the team has done.

The Golden State Warriors are 20-4, and we'll see if Andrew Wiggins does indeed become an All-Star. While he hasn't traditionally been regarded as an All-Star caliber player, some would argue that around 19 PPG with good defense is enough to put him in the conversation. 

The Western Conference is packed with elite wing players such as LeBron James and Paul George, so it's not like Andrew Wiggins is a lock for the position by any means. The Warriors' stellar positioning in the standings might get Wiggins the nod though, and we'll have to wait and see if that happens.