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Klay Thompson Confirms He Still Only Has A Flip Phone

(per Zaza Pachulia)

(per Zaza Pachulia)

Klay Thompson is an awesome guy, a wonderful teammate, and a great ballplayer. But when it comes to technology and his status as a millennial in 2020, you can say he's a bit behind.

After much speculation, NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors reporter Kerith Burke shared on Sunday night that Thompson confirmed he only has a flip phone.

As a multi-millionaire famous basketball player, Klay isn't the type of guy you'd expect to carry around a flip phone. This whole story actually started last month, when Zaza Pachulia caught Klay on his flip phone during his Washington State jersey retirement ceremony.

So there it is, Thompson has a flip phone. But why? Some people are just stuck in the stone age and, no matter how much money they may have, upgrading to a smartphone isn't something they want to do. It could also be some sort of alternative or temporary phone for Thompson.

Whatever the case, the internet shared a laugh at his expense -- not that Thompson himself would be able to see it anyway.