Klay Thompson Reveals When He'll Return: "Hopefully Early Next Season."

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Klay Thompson was out for the entire 2020-21 season, as he suffered a devastating Achilles injury prior to the start of the season. The Warriors missed their shooting guard this season, as they missed the playoffs for the second year in a row, despite the best efforts of Stephen Curry.

There is no doubt that a healthy Klay Thompson will boost the Golden State Warriors chances of making the playoffs, as he is an elite shooter who can put the ball in the basket effectively. Klay Thompson has recently given an update on his injury and suggested he plans to be back towards the start of the season on an Instagram live in response to a question asking him when he'll play again.

Hopefully early next season. The Achilles is like a 12-month recovery phase, but I also have to factor in my left knee, and I don’t want to come back and be half myself. Recovery is going though, it's slow, the Achilles is tedious.

The Golden State Warriors enjoyed a dominant run that featured three championships. The Warriors will do well when he returns, but the priority should be getting fully healthy. Hopefully, Klay Thompson makes an amazing recovery, and we'll all enjoy seeing him on the court next season.