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Klay Thompson's Dad Supports Lonzo Ball To Golden State Warriors Idea

Klay Thompson's Dad Supports Lonzo Ball To Golden State Warriors Idea

Lonzo Ball is a man in-demand around the NBA right now. The young point guard has improved his level this season and he's drawing a lot of attention from contenders. The Los Angeles Clippers appear to be the strongest candidate to take the player, although they will have to include more teams to make this move happen.

Well, they aren't the only ones trying to lure Lonzo away from New Orleans and Klay Thompson's dad, Mychal Thompson, recently named the Golden State Warriors as a very interesting landing spot for the oldest Ball brother. Recently, LaVar Ball said that his first son didn't like playing in New Orleans and he hopes to get traded shortly.

"No! No, he can't stay in New Orleans," Lavar said, via USA Today. "Come on, man. Come on, listen. … Lonzo's always been a playmaker. Why are you trying to change him into a defensive specialist that stays in the corner and shoots 3s? And you're trying to change Zion and Brandon Ingram who, all through their careers, have never been playmakers. Scorers! Now you want to put the ball in their hands and be playmakers?! … Go score the ball and do what you do and guess what? They're gonna have a hard time trying to win every game if the playmaker ain't making the right plays."

Now, Thompson has dropped a very interesting idea about a hypothetical new team for Lonzo. His passing game has always been great and he has taken it to the next level and his 3-point shooting is also pretty good. Joining the Warriors would maximize his talents, according to Thompson, who currently works for the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Lonzo can play," Thompson told ESPNLA's "Mason & Ireland" show, via CBS Sports. "I wish he was on the Warriors passing the ball to Steph [Curry] and Klay."

There's still time to see what is going to happen with Zo. If his father is to believe, the Pelicans will need to find him a new team before he becomes a free agent next summer. This is a very intriguing idea and the Dubs will have Klay back next season; adding the right pieces to complement him and Stephen Curry will take this team's level to the next dimension.