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Kyle Kuzma Believes He's An All-Star This Year: “I Can Definitely Be One. I Don’t Care What Anybody Thinks Or Says.”

Kyle Kuzma Believes He's An All-Star This Year: “I Can Definitely Be One. I Don’t Care What Anybody thinks Or Says.”

Usually, the higher draft picks in the NBA are likely to have a successful career in the league. However, sometimes even the lower draft picks can have a solid career, and Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma certainly falls in the latter category.

The Los Angeles Lakers drafted him using the 27th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Of course, there were not huge hopes from him, but in his rookie season, he showed signs of great talent. Moreover, he had a sensational sophomore season averaging a career-high 18.7 games.

At that point, it felt like Kuz was destined for success in the NBA, but the Lakers decided to bring Anthony Davis on board, which had an adverse effect on Kuz's career.

Fast-forward to the 2021 off-season, Kuzma fell behind the pecking order for the franchise and was used as a trade piece to bring former NBA MVP Russell Westbrook to the team. Upon arriving at the Washington Wizards, the 26-year-old started to regain his former form and has been a key piece for the team throughout the season.

In fact, over the last few games, he has completely taken over the role of a scorer for his team. He has been averaging 27.2 PPG, 10.4 RPG, 3.2 APG, 53.0 FG%, 33 3P% in his last five games.

Despite Kuz's great performances, the Wizards are 2-3 in that time period. Whatever be the case, following his recent games, many are wondering if fans will see Kuzma become an NBA All-Star this season. Well, the Wizards star is certainly confident in his ability.

"I can definitely be an All-Star. I don't care what anybody thinks or says."

Having confidence in yourself is one of the most important abilities for any athlete to succeed in the NBA. It seems like Kuz has that in abundance. But as far as him becoming an All-Star this season, it seems like a tough nut to crack.

There are many great players in the Eastern Conference, who will most likely head over to the All-Star weekend before him. He might still achieve that in the future if he continues to perform at this level.