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Kyle Lowry's Furious Reaction After Being Unfairly Ejected By A Referee: “You’re A P***y!”

Kyle Lowry's Furious Reaction After Being Unfairly Ejected By A Referee: “You’re A P***y!”

After being loyal to the Toronto Raptors for almost a decade and helping them win the 2019 NBA Championship, veteran point guard Kyle Lowry decided it was time for him to begin the next chapter of his career. In order to achieve that, he joined the Miami Heat this offseason.

Despite being 35-years-old, Lowry is still a good player and can efficiently run the offense of a team as the floor general. But for that to happen, he needs to stay on the court, right? Unfortunately, that didn't happen in the Heat's recent fixture against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Towards the end of the first half, Lowry already had one technical foul to his name. But the water went over the boiling point when he was ejected out of the game even before the first half was completed.

Moreover, it was a petty call from the ref who ejected the veteran point guard. The incident took place when Kyle was simply handing the ball towards the ref and it wasn't even thrown with a lot of pace on it. Unfortunately, the ref didn't see the ball coming, and it lightly hit him.

Following that, the ref simply called a technical foul on him, which led to his ejection from the game. You can check the incident in the video attached below.

No clue, why Lowry was sent out of the game for that simple pass. Just like most fans, Lowry was also clueless about his ejection, which led to him losing his calm and furiously reacting to the ref's decision. The Heat guard mouthed:

"You're a p***y! You're a p***y!"

Lowry's reaction might have been NSFW, but his frustration was quite understandable. Fortunately, the Heat went on to win the game, otherwise, it would have been even worse for him and the team.

Speaking of something worse for the team, it was when Tyler Herro and Jusuf Nurkic got into a heated scuffle during the fourth quarter of the game. At the end of the day, the fixture was filled with a lot of drama for the fans and they must have enjoyed it.