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Kyrie Irving Expected To Join The Lakers Next Season As A Free Agent According To Stephen A. Smith

Kyrie Irving Expected To Join The Lakers Next Season As A Free Agent According To Stephen a. Smith

Kyrie Irving wearing a Lakers uniform is something that many people around the league have taken for granted. A whole summer of rumors have been circulating as the Lakers are trying their best to trade for Irving but it seems like LA will not be going down that route because of the high asking price that Brooklyn has for Irving.

Either way, Kyrie will be a free agent after this season and an extension seems wholly unlikely after both player and team have expressed an unwillingness to continue this relationship unless Brooklyn offers Irving a max contract extension for 4 years. 

Stephen A. Smith has said that Kyrie has a plan to make it to LA by hook or by crook, as he will be signing with them as a free agent next season for sure to play beside LeBron James again.  

“Kyrie Irving is telling everybody he plans on going to LA meaning the Lakers, as soon as he possibly can. The likelihood is that he’ll likely go through this season, and then when he becomes a free agent after this upcoming season is over, he plans on rejoining LeBron James in a Lakers uniform.” (h/t Clutch Points)

Stephen A. Smith isn't known to be a reporter with a lot of sources but he doesn't make proclamations like this without having some concrete information on that being what Irving's beliefs are. No person from Irving's personal team would necessarily leak that information to Stephen A after his endless attacks on Irving for his refusal to get vaccinated.

Irving may be having tinsel town dreams in his eyes but there is a whole season still left for them to navigate around. Irving could be moved prior if both LA and Brooklyn feel the need to make a move, but only if LA gives up the picks that Brooklyn had asked for.