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Kyrie Irving Gives Hilarious Response To Fan Who Says He Can Lock Him Up

Kyrie Irving Gives Hilarious Response To Fan Who Says He Can Lock Him Up

Whether you like the guy or not, most can agree that Kyrie Irving isn't your typical NBA superstar.

While he has the talent, platform, and fortune of every other high-profile player, he often uses his fame to spread a very specific type of message -- be it about the earth, the media, or whatever social justice issues currently plague our world.

He isn't quiet or reserved with his agenda, and isn't afraid to call out anyone who dares to challenge him or his ideas.

Of course, he also is not afraid to engage with the fans on Twitter and in public venues, which can make for some pretty entertaining moments.

In one recent interaction, Irving responded in a pretty cool way to a guy who boldly claimed he could lock the Nets star up in a game.

With all due respect to the fan, there's no way he's locking up Kyrie Irving.

A 7x All-Star, 3x All-NBA player, and 2016 NBA Champion, Kyrie has a resume most athletes can only dream of.

Besides that, Kyrie is widely recognized as shaving one of the best and most versatile handles in basketball history. Seriously, the guy is insane when he's got the ball in his hands.

"This is no disrespect to guys like AI Skip, Isiah, CP, Hardaway," said Richard Jefferson back in December. "...but Ky has the best NBA handle of all time. PERIOD"

At this point, the only question about Kyrie is where his focus lies.

Even amid the playoffs, the star point guard admitted he was thinking about social issues, which prompted some very fair questions about his commitment to the team and desire to win.

But, at the end of the day, nobody can take away what this guy does on the court. And nobody can take away the many, many great things he has done off of it.

Next season, the Nets will need him if they want to win a title.

As for the bold fan who dared to call him out, he must know he doesn't stand a chance. Hardly anyone does against one of the game's very best.