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Kyrie Irving On Getting Snubbed From NBA Top 75 List: "I Don't Mind It. Because Along The Way I'm Going To Find My Authentic Community That Accepts Me For My Greatness."

Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Kyrie Irving Calling Himself A 'Martyr' Over Season-Long Vaccination Fiasco: "If You Really Wanted To Make Some Noise, You Would’ve Said To Hell With That, I Don’t Give A Damn If I Can Come Back, I’mma Stand With Them"

Kyrie Irving was one of the biggest absences from the NBA's top 75 list of players of all time alongside other stars like Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Dwight Howard and more. Many people considered the Brooklyn Nets superstar had the resume to be included on the team, but the voters told otherwise. 

Many folks thought that his refusal to take the covid-19 vaccine cost him his spot on the team, but Kyrie always thought that he was deserving of that honor. He's one of the most talented players of all time, an NBA champion and former Rookie of the Year, so it was easy to see why some people wanted him to be on the squad. 

However, Irving isn't worried about that anymore, as he came to the conclusion that he'll find the right people for his life and won't have to chase anybody. Kyrie is confident that he'll find his community and they'll embrace him. 

"I'm used to this since seventh grade when I was called a weirdo and sat in the cafeteria by myself," he said on the Boardoom's The ETCs podcast (via Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News). "I don't mind it. Because along the way I'm going to find my authentic community that accepts me for my greatness."

It seems like Irving is at peace with that decision. He's been under fire for a couple of seasons now but nothing disturbs this man. He'll have another chance in 25 years to make it to the top 100 players of all time. Once that moment comes, there will be no doubt that Irving belongs to that select group. 

He failed to win the 2022 NBA championship with the Nets this year, but Kyrie can still win it all next year with a boosted squad.