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Kyrie Irving Says Some Fans Treat Players Like 'We're In A Zoo'


Even though he had a great game, dropping 39 points on his former team, Kyrie Irving lived unfortunate moments at the TD Garden on Sunday night. 

The Brooklyn Nets star was booed by fans, and somebody even threw a bottle of water at him following the game. His relationship with the face has never been the same after joining the Nets months after he promised fans he would stay with the Celtics. 

The people in Boston hasn't forgotten that and they let the player know in Game 4 of this first-round series. After he blasted the fan that threw the bottle of water, Kyrie pointed out that this isn't something new, and older players have lived the same situation in the past. 

"These actions are historically relative, when you think about where we've come as a sport. It used to happen back in the day, a lot of older players went through it."

Irving even said that this was 'underlying racism,' claiming that fans treat the players as if they were animals in a zoo. 

Fans have been out of control this year. First, somebody threw popcorn at Russell Westbrook in Philadelphia, Trae Young was spit on in New York, Ja Morant's family was heckled in Utah, Carmelo Anthony was also harassed in Denver and now Kyrie was almost hit by a bottle of water. 

Ironically, people wanted to attend games to act like they are above everybody and do whatever they want. This situation is getting out of control, and the league needs to act quickly and firm on that. 

Players should be protected from these individuals that only want to ruin other people's night instead of enjoying the game.