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Kyrie Irving Sends A Big Message Attacking The Media: “When You’re Ready To Break Free From The Media’s Control Over Your Subconscious Thoughts And Emotions, Meet Me On One Of My Platforms And Let’s Chop It Up.”

Kyrie Irving Shares Video From Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones: "There Is A Tyrannical Organization Calling Itself The New World Order"

The Brooklyn Nets as a superteam are falling apart right now. Ever since the negotiations between Kevin Durant and Nets owner Joe Tsai went public, one thing has become clear that the organization is willing to stand its ground and not cave into a player's demands.

As it has much more clear that Kevin Durant might be on his way out of Brooklyn, fans have been speculating that Kyrie Irving might be joining his superstar friend very soon and might be traded away from the Nets as the franchise seemingly is headed toward a full rebuild.

Irving certainly hasn't had the best time with the Nets as he has missed multiple games. Be it due to his injuries or his unwillingness to follow the guidelines for COVID-19, many have seen Kyrie as the primary reason for Durant demanding a trade from Brooklyn.

But it seems like Irving has had enough with the subtle jibes at him and the media speculating that he is the reason why the Nets collapsed. In a recent tweet, Kyrie called out the media.

"When you’re ready to Break free from the media’s control over your subconscious thoughts and emotions, meet me on One of my platforms and let’s chop it up. We the A11Even tribe, love our conversations about the truth and what is truly happening. Welcome to the PARADIGM shift."

This is not the first time that Kyrie has called out the media. During his time with the Nets, Irving has taken jibes at the media multiple times, even calling them pawns at one point. 

While claims of Kyrie being the sole reason for the collapse of the Nets might be far-fetched, Irving missing games and being unavailable for the roster certainly had a big impact on the rest of the group and increased pressure on Kevin Durant. 

Given the lack of a superstar teammate, it was Durant who had to do the heavy lifting daily. Although reports might suggest that Irving might sign with the team, a trade might be the best solution for both parties.