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Lamar Odom Picks The Lakers To Win 2022 NBA Championship: “I Don’t Know If That’s Laker Pride Or Me Just Being A Laker At Heart. But They’re Still My Pick.”

LeBron James

In a chat with TMZ, 2x NBA Champion Lamar Odom became living proof that not all have lost faith in the Los Angeles Lakers.

Speaking on the state of the club amid their troubling season, Odom made it clear that he still sees the Purple and Gold as nothing short of title contenders, going so far as to pick them to be the ones to hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy in June.

(via TMZ Sports)

“I think they’re good enough to win a championship,” Odom said. “They’re still my pick to win the championship. I don’t know if that’s Laker pride or me just being a Laker at heart. But they’re still my pick.”

“Anytime you have LeBron James on the court and a healthy Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony as your 6th man, I think they’ll give you a really good shot.”

It's hard to see the Lakers finishing so strong in light of everything we have seen from them over these past few months. Inconsistency and drama have invaded their season and they remain 4.5 games out of the 6th seed in the West.

Still, Odom believes a push from LeBron James could be all they need to get the job done.

"Of the teams that I played for that won championships, we had a tremendous leader in Bean Bryant," Odom adds. "A lot of his will, tenacity ... it kind of rubbed off on us. I would like to see LeBron James' will and tenacity and his will to win rub off on these Laker guys."

"I think once that happens, once they coincide that, they'll be all right."

If anybody is capable of coming out of this, it's LeBron James. With over 18 years of experience under his belt, he has seen all there is to see on the NBA level.

Perhaps, with time, he will remind the world again of who he is and carry the Lakers where nobody else thinks they can go this season.

Ultimately, we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.