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LaVar Ball Wears A Cap That Says “I Told You So” To Prove He Was Right About LaMelo And Lonzo Being Good NBA Players

LaVar Ball Wears A Cap That Said “I Told You So” To Prove He Was Right About LaMelo And Lonzo Being Good NBA Players

The recent fixture between the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets was expected to be a great game. The biggest reason for the excitement among fans was to watch the battle between Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball.

Although Lonzo and Bulls came out victorious, it was an enjoyable fixture and the fans loved it without a doubt. Following the victory, the Bulls now have a record of 14-8 and are just behind the Brooklyn Nets in the East. On the other hand, the Hornets dropped to a record of 13-10.

Anyway, with the Ball brothers playing in such an anticipated game, there was no way that their father, LaVar Ball, wouldn't attend the game. Well, LaVar not only attended the game but also called out the doubters of LaMelo and Lonzo with a subtle move.

LaVar wore a cap that said "I told you so," and it was clear what he meant by this gesture. This was in response to people who thought that his sons would fail in the NBA and would not be able to have a good career in the league.

Upon seeing the cap that LaVar wore, there was no doubt that NBA fans would love it. Facebook page "NBA Buzz" posted a graphic about his hat and as expected fans liked it.

With that being said, here are some of the best comments posted on the post by excited NBA fans. Believe us, you will love the comments.

Jesse Calarco: "Respect that Lavar had the desire and passion to “market” his sons and publicly believe in them, but when it came down to it, everyone knew these two out of the three brothers were good NBA prospects. Amazing that one family can produce two NBA players but what Lavar said or didn’t say about his sons had little to do with their actual prospective talent. Most people weren’t upset that Lavar may have been lying about his sons ability, more that his rash comments were polarising and antagonising."

Michael Burgess: "To be fair, he said all 3 Balls would be playing together for the Lakers. Still, this is a win for him."

Zakya N Clark: "He did what he had to do to get that attention on his sons. He hyped them up and made u pay attention. Reminds me of Richard Williams, because he did the same thing with Serena and Venus. Hate him or love him, he's one hell of a father."

Donnie McKay: "Respect law of attraction is powerful."

Dominique Ingram: "I really hate Gelo stole from that store when UCLA went overseas! He’d be in the NBA right now if it wasn’t for that."

Taylor Christian Norton: "Lavar ball did tell us his boys were monsters among men !!! Future mvps!!!"

Thin Lion: "You don't have to like him but he's a great father."

James Glenn: "I know he was proud as hell watching that game. Salute."

Prhyme Effect: "Na nobody doubted ya sons making it to the nba you was making them to be the next kebron there's a difference."

Ty DaGeneral: "He warned y’all years back and y’all didn’t believe him."

German Gonzalez: "That’s the bottom line cause Lavar Ball said so."

LaVar has always been good at hyping up his kids. In fact, he most recently spoke about wanting his three sons to form a super team in Chicago

While that might still be a pipedream, it is great to see the Ball brothers succeed in the league. Although they have had a decent start to their careers, the next step is to help their respective teams win an NBA Championship.

Which, to be honest, might take some time for LaMelo. Lonzo, on the other hand, is part of a star-studded Bulls roster and so far they are playing like one of the best teams in the league.