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LeBron James After Losing To The Boston Celtics 130-108: "There's No Level Of Panic."

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LeBron James

Despite LeBron James' recent return to the Los Angeles Lakers lineup, things did not go their way against the Boston Celtics. The Los Angeles Lakers got blown out, 130-108, and there's clearly a lot of work ahead for the team. Even with Anthony Davis' and LeBron James' stellar performances, they were unable to find a way to win.

After the game, LeBron James addressed the media and claimed that "there's no level of panic" among the Lakers. A lot of Lakers fans feel the opposite way, but as long as LeBron James is at the helm the Lakers will likely get to the playoffs.

That being said, James added that a "sense of urgency" is required every time the Lakers step on the floor. The Los Angeles Lakers are clearly a squad that's built for the playoffs: they have 3 superstar/all-star level players on the roster, as well as a variety of seasoned veterans. However, they need to win in the regular season before they get to the playoffs, and that is where the problem has been. (2:10,)

It's never, 'We got 65 games left. We damn sure need to play better, no matter who is in the lineup. We have our system and we need to obviously fast-track it and get better with it so we can play, no matter who is out on the floor, we can play at a high level. ... There's no level of panic. But there should be some sense of urgency anytime we take the floor.

For me, it’s never as bad as it may seem, and it’s never as good as it may feel. I stay even-keel during the whole journey. I understand this is a whole process for us. I’ve always felt comfortable when things are uncomfortable. I look forward to the process of us trying to get better, us getting better not trying. We will get better. We will improve. But us just being uncomfortable. We should be uncomfortable every single day in our film sessions, in our walk throughs, in our practices, anywhere we are on the floor until we right the ship. Until then we should be even more uncomfortable when things start to feel good because, like I said, it’s never as good as it may feel and it’s never as bad as it may seem.

It remains to be seen if the Los Angeles Lakers will improve. LeBron James previously claimed that "it's going to be a process" for the Lakers to get to where they want to be. Perhaps they'll be able to figure things out soon, and it's clear that they need to get some wins fast.

Hopefully, we see the Los Angeles Lakers do better in the coming weeks. They have far too much talent to be treading water at .500. There are times where there are flashes of them looking good, so now is the time to make those flashes more consistent. LeBron James will be key to them being able to improve.