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LeBron James' Associate Reveals Why He Never Participated In Slam Dunk Contest

(via Yahoo Sports)

(via Yahoo Sports)

Watching LeBron James in the NBA slam dunk contest has always been a dream for every fan around the world. However, the King never pleased the people wanting to see him taking part in the competition and even though he's still dunking the basketball, the player has made it clear he's too old for that.

There were times when people thought and wanted to see James in the contest but he never participated. Right now he's 36, focused on other things and the dream to see him showing his skills in the dunk contest has died for a lot of people. Everybody wants to know why he decided to not participate when he had the chance and an associate has revealed why LBJ never took that step and prevented people from seeing him dunking the ball in one of the best events of the All-Star Weekend.

Via Landon Buford:

On Wednesday afternoon, Rob Mc was on the Club House app in the Walklikeus room and was asked why James never participated in the slam dunk contest.

“It did not line up with his brand at the time. Hopefully, that you understand that there was different requirements of stars in different eras,” said Rob MC.

“After 2000, the dunk contest went down a little bit when some of the top stars stop participating. And it lost some of its flare, and at the end of the day that man makes his own decisions.”

Mc was asked a follow-up question of when does LeBron’s competitive nature overrule his protecting his brand?

“You can’t ever argue LeBron James’ competitive spirit at the end of the day; this man came back from a 3-1 deficit against one of the best teams in NBA history. So, let’s not forget that and if you are trying to draw a line between his competitive spirit in his decision in a dunk contest… That’s a big jump because there are so many other things that come into it,” said MC.

Now James is trying to win championships and nothing else. The King is ready to win his back-to-back titles with the Lakers and the way they're playing this season, that is a highly likely possibility. We'll never see the King in the slam dunk contest but we can always enjoy his dunks during every game.