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LeBron James' Brentwood Park Mansion Sold For A Whopping $19.6 Million

LeBron James' Brentwood Park Mansion Sold For A Whopping $19.6 Million

LeBron James is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. So it is no surprise that the King owns numerous luxury homes. He owned two real estate properties in Brentwood Park and was reportedly looking to find a suitable buyer for one of the two mansions.

Many reports suggested that James put an asking price of nearly $20 million on it. Now, it is confirmed that the mansion has been sold for $19.6 million. James had vacated the house for several years and sold it to Hon "Alexander" Shing.

While the mansion is now sold, James incurred a loss while making the sale. He bought the mansion for $21 million back in 2015 but had to sell it for a loss of almost $1.5 million.

Whatever be the case, James would be happy to get it off his back, albeit at a loss. The mansion is fabulous without a doubt, but since he has not been using it for several years, it was nothing more than a dead investment.

James, whose net worth might reach a billion dollars soon, has made some great investments over the course of his career.

If his net worth keeps increasing on the current trend, the day when fans start calling him a billionaire is not away.

While that's the current update about his off-court life, on the court, the 36-year-old has the tough task of leading the Los Angeles Lakers to another NBA championship.

After winning it in the 2019-20 season, the Lakers were unable to retain it last season. The two most important players on the team - LeBron James and Anthony Davis - were dealing with injuries throughout the season. 

This season, the franchise has done a great job at assembling a star-studded roster and the two stars have a lot of support right now. In fact, if all goes well, the purple and gold might become the team to defeat in the Western Conference.

The only thing that the players need to make sure is to avoid overexerting themselves. Most of the team consists of NBA veterans that have been in the league for years, while the experience they bring is an asset, at the same time they are more susceptible to injury as the season goes on.