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LeBron James Comments On Lakers' Missed 2020 Championship Parade

LeBron James Comments On Lakers' Missed 2020 Championship Parade

With Los Angeles preparing for a Championship parade, LeBron James and the Lakers find themselves reflecting on what they missed out on two years ago.

When they won the title in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down their chance of enjoying a parade -- a longstanding tradition that allows the team to celebrate a Championship with their city.

The 2020 Lakers never got that experience, and it's something that seems to still be bugging LeBron today.

LeBron James, when asked about the Lakers not getting a parade in 2020, said he feels most bad for his teammates who won their first championship that season, adding a parade is the culmination of a team’s hard work.

For many of the guys who won their first title that year (including Anthony Davis), they have no clue what winning a Championship parade is supposed to be like. The stadium was empty, the world was in chaos, and there was really no time to celebrate the massive achievement.

Still, there is a chance the Lakers might get their parade after all.

In a Tweet on Super Bowl Sunday, LeBron pitched the idea of an all-LA parade with the cities title winners.

Earlier this week, the Rams became the third LA team to capture a title in the past two years, winning Super Bowl 56 over the Cincinnati Bengals.

And now, with Los Angeles the site of so much success, LeBron James is calling for a joint parade involving all three teams.

"We, Dodgers and Rams should all do a joint parade together!!!! With a live concert afterwards to end it!! City of Champions 🏆🏆🏆💍💍💍. Congrats 🐏 once again!!!"

The Lakers are having a pretty rough season so far. At 26-31, they sit at 9th in the West and could slide even further over the next few weeks. It's unlikely they'll bring home a title by the time these playoffs are over.

Instead, maybe they can find some peace in finally having a true celebration for their achievement in 2020.

Hopefully, LeBron can make it happen.