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LeBron James Wants An All L.A. Championship Parade With The Lakers, Dodgers, And Rams

LeBron James

Los Angeles is the city of Champions. 

In the summer of 2020, the Lakers won their 17th Championship under extreme and unprecedented conditions. Months later, the Dodgers followed suit with a title of their own, capturing a World Series over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Earlier this week, the Rams became the third LA team to capture a title in the past two years, winning Super Bowl 56 over the Cincinnati Bengals.

And now, with Los Angeles the site of so much success, LeBron James is calling for a joint parade involving all three teams.

We, Dodgers and Rams should all do a joint parade together!!!! With a live concert afterwards to end it!! City of Champions 🏆🏆🏆💍💍💍. Congrats 🐏 once again!!!

Of course, joint parade or not, the Rams will get their chance to celebrate over the next few weeks, just like the Dodgers did when they won the World Series.

Sadly, the Lakers missed out on their time to shine. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst and the country was under total lockdown in an attempt to limit casualties.

LeBron and the Lakers had to come back from a hiatus to play in a "bubble," away from their families and friends for months as the season played out.

By the end of it, the Lakers were Champions -- but they never got their parade and it's an experience that head coach Frank Vogel wishes he had.

Frank Vogel congratulated the Rams on their title. When asked about how LAL never got a chance to celebrate their 2020 title w/fans + parade, said he’ll always feel a void, but:

“A lot of people missed out on a lot more things more important than that because of the pandemic."

This season, the Purple and Gold are struggling to put themselves in a position to win again. They are 9th in the West with a 26-31 record.

Their title victory seems like an eternity ago now. Still, they deserve to have their moment, even if it's a few years too late.

A joint parade might not be such a bad idea...