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LeBron James' Happy Reaction After ESPN Announced New Release Date For Michael Jordan's Documentary

(via NewsOdy)

(via NewsOdy)

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James couldn’t hide his happiness after learning ESPN is moving up the release date of Michael Jordan’s anticipated documentary ‘The Last Dance’. The 10-part documentary was set to debut next June, but seeing all the things happening around the world, and the league, with the coronavirus, ABC/ESPN decided to change the release date of the docuseries.

LeBron showed exactly how NBA fans feel with this news on Twitter, with the King writing a message showing his excitement for April 19, the date the docuseries is going to begin.

“April 19th can’t come fast enough. I CAN NOT WAIT!! 🗣Yessir!🍿 #LastDance,” Bron wrote.

While the NBA is suspended, fans have started to look for options to get entertained in the meantime. Even the league itself started to broadcast old games where players had terrific nights or historic games where champions were crowned.

That’s the point where we are right now, which led ESPN to change its plans and give the fans what they were asking for for the last couple of weeks. Luckily, their wish was granted and now we can’t wait to see what this documentary is going to bring. Just like LeBron.