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LeBron James Has Been Nominated For Worst Actor Of The Year

Credit: Warner Bros Pictures via EW

Credit: Warner Bros Pictures via EW

Not many stars could juggle the weight of being the face of basketball, a businessman, and a movie star in one summer. For LeBron James, it's easy work.

Unfortunately, his first Hollywood performance didn't exactly excite the viewers.

'Space Jam: A New Legacy' got pretty bad reviews from both fans and critics, with many citing a multitude of flaws as the reason for its flop. 

Of course, LeBron James' acting was also on full display, and the 4x MVP recently got "recognized" for his performance during the 42nd Razzie Award nominations on Monday.

James was actually nominated twice, once for the “Worst Actor” category and again for the “Worst Screen Couple” category.

(via Yahoo!)

The stage is set in the Worst Picture category, which has honored (?) the Netflix version of the ill-fated Broadway show Diana, the Musical, as well as the confusing Mark Wahlberg vehicle Infinite, the BET Original horror story Karen, WarnerMedia’s branding exercise in search of a plot, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and Amy Adams’ Hitchcock retread The Woman in the Window.

Adams herself was nominated for Worst Actress for The Woman in the Window, as well as Worst Supporting Actor for her work in Dear Evan Hansen. And while James may be one of the two greatest basketball players in history, his acting career hasn’t gotten off to quite the same stellar start, picking up a Worst Actor nom and a Worst Screen Couple nom, the latter of which he shares with Any Warner Cartoon Character (or Time-Warner Product) He Dribbles On.

Despite some cool visuals and interesting moments, Space Jam: A New Legacy failed to live up to the success of its predecessor and will be remembered in history as a mediocre film, at best. We should also say right now that James' career in acting is probably over after that one.

Still, the Lakers star deserves credit for daring to step outside his comfort zone and try something so ambitious.

Hopefully, his future endeavors will fare a little better.