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LeBron James Has More Career Playoff Points Than Kevin Durant And Steph Curry Combined

LeBron James Has More Career Playoff Points Than Kevin Durant And Steph Curry Combined

LeBron James is one of the most prolific playoff performers in NBA history. Through his 18-year NBA career, James has only missed the NBA Playoffs 3 times. In his 15 appearances in the NBA Playoffs, James has reached the NBA Finals a grand total of 10 times, the most of any current player in the NBA. 

And James has also played more playoff games than almost all the active players in the NBA today. James' success throughout his career has led to him becoming one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. But how far ahead is James from the rest of his NBA superstars.

James is the leading playoff scorer in NBA history. At the moment, he sits on top of the list with 7631 points. The closest to him at number two is none other than Michael Jordan with 5987 points. LeBron has had a longer career than most superstars that have graced the NBA. 

Currently, the only active player that comes closest to LeBron James on the all-time playoff scoring list is Kevin Durant with 4454 points, followed by James Harden with 3191 points and Steph Curry with 2968 points. Given that James has been playing for at least four years more than the rest of the players, it comes as no surprise that he is far ahead of them. 

And it turns out that James has been so dominant that he has more points than some of these players put together. LeBron James, with 7631 points, has more total playoff points than Kevin Durant and Steph Curry combined. Durant and Curry combined have 7422 points, more than 200 points behind LeBron James. 

In fact, James has more total playoff points than almost every combination of two active NBA stars in the league. The only duo that combined can eclipse LeBron James' totals is that of Kevin Durant and James Harden, who have a combined total of 7645, just 14 points more than that of LeBron James' tally alone. 

Total Playoff Points Among Active Players (Via Basketball-Reference)

LeBron James: 7631 Points

Kevin Durant: 4454 Points

James Harden: 3191 Points

Stephen Curry: 2964 Points

Kawhi Leonard: 2865 Points

Currently, James is preparing to enter his 19th NBA season, and going on the hunt for his fifth NBA championship. If LeBron James is able to reach the NBA Finals once again, and the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant and James Harden suffer yet another playoff exit, it is very possible that James could surpass the duo's combined total in terms of total playoff scoring numbers. But Durant has the advantage over LeBron in the regular season, as he surpassed LeBron James with his regular-season scoring average. The rivalry between these two players has defined the NBA over the last decade, and hopefully, it continues over the next year.