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LeBron James’ High School Football Highlights Are Insane: "Love This Sport So Much"

LeBron James’ High School Football Highlights Are Insane: "Love This Sport So Much"

Not so long ago, Allen Iverson said that he would've been a better football player than a basketball player if he had decided to go pro.

Well, it seems like he's not the only NBA legend that could've been successful in the gridiron as well, as LeBron James was one of the highest-ranked prospects back in his high school days.

As a matter of fact, James recently confessed that the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks reached out to him and offered him a contract to play in the NFL during the NBA's lockout season in 2011:

“Jerry Jones offered me a contract also Pete Carrol did as well in Seattle during our lockout time,” James told the Manning brothers on during Monday Night Football. “It definitely got my blood flowing again, it got my mind raising again thinking about the game of football and being out there on Sundays. But we were able to get a deal done in the NBA and I was back on the court in no time but I definitely thought about it. I still have the jerseys too that Jerry and Pete sent me from 2011."

And, while that could seem far-fetched, truth is that LeBron was a dominant force in football as well. 

If you don't take our word for it, just take a look at the high school football clips he shared last night on Twitter. Clearly, he was stronger, faster, more athletic, and with more hops than all of his rivals.

It's always fun to wonder how things could've fared if athletes had chosen a different career path.

Gladly for us, King James eventually decided that he would be better off in the hardwood than in the gridiron. Could you imagine the NBA without LeBron James?