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Allen Iverson On If He Could’ve Played In The NFL: "Not Being Cocky, Not Being Arrogant. I Think... No, I Know That I Would Have Been A Better Player In Football Than I Was In Basketball."

Allen Iverson On If He Lifted Weights: 'I Would Never Lift Weights And Train And Stuff Like That Because Sh*t Was Too Heavy'

Athletic traits can translate to multiple sports. We've seen NBA players drafted by MLB or NFL teams and vice-versa, as most of those athletes grew up playing more than one sport.

Some say that LeBron James could've been an elite tight end, while Tony Gonzalez was a standout basketball player himself. Also, we saw Deion Sanders excel at both the NFL and MLB throughout his career.

But, among all the players that could've found success in a different sport, we always talk about Allen Iverson.

Iverson was a stud in football growing up. He played at wide receiver, safety, defensive back, punt-returner, and even quarterback. 

And, according to his own words, he believes that he could've been an even better football player than he was in basketball (21:03)

 "Not being cocky, not being arrogant. I, I know that I would have been a better player in football than I was in basketball," Iverson said on Shannon Sharpe's Club ShayShay.

It's not a secret that Iverson was a highly sought-after football prospect growing up. His combination of speed, athleticism, and ferocity made him a treat to watch:

"All the local high schools recruited Iverson. He ended up at Bethel in part because Dennis Kozlowski, the school's football coach and athletics director, had coached Iverson's aunt in high school track and field," reported VICE.

"When Iverson was a five-foot-six, 145-pound eighth grader, hundreds of fans would come out to watch him play for Bethel's junior varsity team. The next year, he started at wide receiver and safety on the varsity. In his sophomore season, Kozlowski moved Iverson to quarterback but still played him on defense. As a defensive back, Iverson tied a Virginia record by intercepting five passes in one game and helped Bethel to an undefeated regular season before losing in the first round of the playoffs."

Gladly for basketball fans, Iverson eventually pursuit his career in the NBA. He went on to become one of the most influential hoopers of all time, and one of the most talented players to ever grace the Earth. 

Maybe, he did precisely the same on the NFL in a parallel universe.