LeBron James, NBA Fans Roast Jay Williams Over Tweet Saying The Celtics Hired A Black Coach For The First Time Ever

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Jay Williams was under fire after tweeting an incredibly inaccurate tweet on Wednesday. The former player-turned-analyst has been involved in controversies recently due to his stories, often called fake by the protagonists. 

Now, the ESPN analyst dared to say the Boston Celtics just signed the first black head coach in franchise history, which raised many eyebrows around the Celtics Nation and the rest of the NBA. 

Ime Udoka is set to become the 18th coach in Celtics history after spending seven years with Gregg Popovich in San Antonio and one season with Steve Nash on the Nets. 

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To make things worse, instead of owning the mistake, Williams simply said he was hacked and somebody sent that tweet for him. Of course, this didn't sit well among the NBA community. Fans went off on Williams, calling him out for his mistake and his even worse response. 

Even LeBron James had something to say about that, looking for alternatives to Williams tweeting that message. Bron made fun of the situation saying the tweet must have been photoshopped. 

Everybody blasted Williams over this tweet and his weak response. He's not backing down now, although the rest of the world is going off on him. This man has earned a lot of criticism lately, and he keeps adding controversies to his infamous list.