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LeBron James Posts Inspiring Instagram Photo Of Him And Daughter Zhuri James At The Gym Together

via @kingjames

via @kingjames

Aside from being known as a basketball player and shrewd businessman, LeBron James is notably a family man. LeBron James has never been involved in a scandal related to his family, and he is often viewed as a great role model for everyone around the world. James takes his role as a father seriously, and you often see LeBron show a lot of love to his family.

Physical health is an important aspect of a person's life. That is especially true for a basketball player like LeBron James. Despite the fact that he is currently out with an ankle injury, it seems like LeBron James is doing his best to stay in shape by hitting the gym. His youngest daughter Zhuri joined him as his workout partner, and it seems like the father-daughter duo was hard at work.

LeBron James is still putting in the time at the gym in order to be ready for the NBA playoffs. LeBron James is the leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, and it seems like he is still trying to do his best to get right back into the flow of things when he returns. James' work ethic is a good example for many, including his daughter. It seems like LeBron James has instilled good habits in his daughter. It is good to start some sort of exercise early in life, and who knows: perhaps Zhuri is just destined to be a future basketball star just like her dad.