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LeBron James Reacts To Draymond Green's Son Helping Stephen Curry On The Bench: "Lil Man Smooth And Locked In"

LeBron James Reacts To Draymond Green's Son Helping Stephen Curry On The Bench: "Lil Man Smooth And Locked In"

Draymond Green's son starred in a wholesome moment on Monday night when the Golden State Warriors faced the Sacramento Kings at Chase Center, in the first game back after a road trip. 

Stephen Curry was the man of the night after breaking Ray Allen's 3-PT record a week ago at Madison Square Garden. Fans gave him a standing ovation to The Chef, and Draymond's son made sure to get Steph covered with whatever he needed. The kid was spotted assisting Curry, going viral. 

Draymond's son, DJ, offered Curry a mask after the latter sat down on the bench. This is the perfect example that the Greens are always ready to help Curry. Both on and off the court, they are set to help the MVP candidate. 

Everybody was in awe of DJ, including Steve Kerr, who jokingly said the kid looked good, but is still young and will need more reps to become an expert at what he tried to do last night. 

Another person who praised the boy was Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, who shared an Instagram story reacting to the video of DJ and Curry. 

“Love that. Lil man smooth and locked in,” said LeBron James about Curry and DJ.

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This kid is going places. He's starred in more interesting moments during the year, even hijacking an interview of his father. Draymond is really happy that his kid can live these moments with him and the people who spend the most time around him. 

“This organization is amazing to allow him … to sit there and help,” Draymond Green said after the game, via ESPN. “You miss so much doing this job and those are the moments where it’s all worth it. For him to have that experience, it’s special. I don’t take that for granted.”

It was a great night for the Warriors, who beat the Kings 113-98, with Curry continuing his good moment in the league. Every night, somebody steals the show for the Dubs. This time, it was DJ who went viral and played a big role in helping Stephen Curry beat their rivals.