LeBron James Responds To Tom Brady's Seventh Super Bowl Win: "If You Know, You Know! GOAT Talk."

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(via Republic World)

(via Republic World)

As LeBron James pursues his fifth NBA Championship, he got to watch a friend, and fellow superstar, claim his seventh.

On Sunday, against all odds, 43-year-old Tom Brady claimed his seventh Super Bowl victory, likely also securing his place as the NFL's greatest player ever.

On Twitter, LeBron posted his reaction, clearly thrilled that Brady was able to achieve success at this stage of his career...

James and Brady are often compared to each other. Whether it's their dominance at the game, insane longevity, or even just the popularity amongst the fans, it's easy to understand how their careers might be comparable.

Watching Tom win a Super Bowl, at 43, is likely a shot of confidence to James, who is also in a battle against Father Time. At 36, the "King" is approaching the back end of his career, and there are many who believe his reign over the NBA will be over soon.

For now, though, Sunday's game is a reminder that, sometimes, greatness can defy the odds. If Brady can do it, so can LeBron.