LeBron James Says Lola Bunny Is His Best Sidekick Ever, Bugs Bunny Calls Him 'Washed King'

Warner Bros

Warner Bros

LeBron James will face one of the biggest challenges in his career and life. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar will join another squad to play one more game and save his son's life. 

"Space Jam: A New Legacy" is hitting the theaters next July 16, and the ads about the movie just keep coming. Recently, Warner Bros Pictures shared a 30 for 30 special video featuring a series of characters that will appear in the film. 

They did a terrific job mocking 'The Last Dance,' breaking the video into four parts to explain what happened between LeBron and his team. There, we can learn how difficult it was for him to make them a competitive squad and all the issues they had during the process. 

Bron even has beef with Bugs Bunny, as the rabbit called him a 'washed king.' 

Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson, Chiney Ogwumike, and more appeared on the mini-documentary, talking about LeBron and his situation during his time on the Toon Squad. 

Even though he had a hard time making his team a competitive one, he found immense support in Lola Bunny, the second-best player on the team. James went to say that she was the best sidekick ever, which didn't sit well with Anthony Davis. 

Last year, The Last Dance was a big event, and it's good to see that they're joking with that. James even channeled his inner Michael Jordan and claimed he 'took things personally' after his son was kidnapped. 

This movie is set to premiere next July. After the Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the 2021 NBA playoffs, Bron decided he won't participate in the Summer Olympics to focus on the Toon Squad. We can't wait to see what he's bringing to the table this year.