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LeBron Vs. Steph Make Up 7 Of The NBA's Top 10 Most Watched Games of The Decade

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

The 2010s were filled with highlight plays, amazing storylines, and must-see matchups. We've seen some of the greatest teams ever, some of the greatest players ever, and some of the best moments ever these past 10 years.

But, perhaps, no stat is more revealing of the times than the list of the most-watched games, 9 of which feature LeBron James, and 7 of which feature LeBron James going up against Steph Curry.

Most of these matchups involve the famous showdown between Bron and the 73-win Warriors back in the 2016 Finals. Besides the storylines involved and the legacies at stake, the Cavaliers made history as they came roaring back from down 3-1 to shock the world.

Of course, the personal rivalry between Bron and Steph goes much deeper than a single series. After years of dominating the NBA, Bron faced a serious threat to his crown in Curry, who changed the landscape of the NBA entirely. For the first time, LeBron was not the center of the basketball world. Steph, who won back-to-back MVPs, took control for a while.

It was this narrative that headlined the league and, clearly, sparked the fans into watching the league. Without Curry this season, and an aging LeBron, the NBA is clearly suffering.