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"Len Bias Was A Bit Ahead Of Michael Jordan When They Were In College With His Skillset," Says Walt Williams

"Len Bias Was A Bit Ahead Of Michael Jordan When They Were In College With His Skillset," Says Walt Williams

Unfortunately, the NBA is full of 'what-ifs' that could have lifted the league to new heights. The association has become one of the premier competitions in the world since Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, the 'Bad Boys' Detroit Pistons, and Michael Jordan took over in the 80s and 90s. 

Fans have seen incredible players do incredible plays on the court, becoming absolute legends during their careers. However, there are stories we never got to know due to tragic events. 

Len Bias is one of the biggest 'what-ifs' in the league, as he was expected to mark an era in the competition. The University of Maryland product was seen as the next big thing when he entered the 1986 NBA draft. Two days after the Boston Celtics took him as the No. 2 overall pick in that year's draft, Bias was found dead at the age of 22. 

Loved by everybody who knew him, Bias was a big loss for his close ones and those who wanted to see him display his talents in the league. He was such a unique talent that, even today, people think he could have given Michael Jordan a run for his money. 

Even though Jordan dominated Bias at a young age, former Sacramento Kings star Walt Williams claimed that Bias could be considered the GOAT right now if he never passed away. 

“I know certainly either we would have been talking about him [Bias] as the greatest of all time, or Jordan would be on an even different level,” Williams recently told Basketball Network. “I think those guys certainly would have pushed each other to the max. The thing about Len Bias when you compare him to Michael Jordan, I think he was a little bit ahead of Michael when they were in college with his skillset.”

“The jump shot that Bias had that was just the prettiest thing you could ever see,” he added. “He could defend multiple positions; he was a kind of a hybrid of how you see the game played now. And that’s the tragedy of not seeing a Len Bias. I think the game would have gravitated to where it is much quicker.”

While MJ had to develop his game after entering the league, Bias was considered a more complete talent. Sadly, we'll never know what could have happened if these two clashed at a pro-level. Imagining how great their duels would have been doesn't make this situation better. 

Bias died at a very young age when he started to live his life. On the other end, MJ went to win six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls during the 90s. Perhaps, with Len still in the world, that number would have been different for His Airness. 

There was one guy that could really challenge Michael Jordan's dominance. Unfortunately, we never got to see him showing his talents on an NBA court.