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The Last Dance Director Reveals Amazing Story About Michael Jordan: 'He Blew Away Patrick Ewing And Len Bias'

(via CNN)

(via CNN)

There are plenty of stories to tell about Michael Jordan. The GOAT had a terrific career, showing his determination and desire to succeed in life since he was a little kid. We saw some of the best stories about him in the first two episodes of 'The Last Dance' documentary, but there was one that didn't make the cut and still deserves to be told.

Jason Hehir, the director of the documentary, joined "The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz" where he revealed his favorite story about MJ. When he was in high school, Jordan's coach decorated his stats in order to get the young player in an exclusive camp that saw him tear apart a young version of Patrick Ewing and late Len Bias while working as a waiter to afford his stay at the camp.

Via CBS Sports:

"Everyone knows the story of him being cut. We had to cover that, but that's kind of common knowledge. But his rise between sophomore year and senior year, his high school coach finagling him into five-star basketball camps by lying about his stats. He was embellishing his stats just to get him in there because he was not on the map at all. No one was coming down to look at high school kids in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was there for a week and that's what his parents could afford, and he did so well that first week that he got MVP of the entire camp.

You had Patrick Ewing, Len Bias and some other guys were at the camp as well, but Michael, or Mike, at that point, blew everybody away. They begged him to stay for a second week because more college coaches wanted to see him play, and the parents said 'we can't afford it.' So they said 'OK, we'll pay for him if he works in the kitchen as a waiter for all the other kids.' Michael got MVP that second week and he was a waiter serving kids fruit punch and grilled cheeses and then going out and wasting these kids later on on the court ... Little anecdotes like that, I would have loved to get it in, but we had a lot of story to tell and it's all grounded in that '97-98 season, so at a certain point you have to kill some darlings, as Hemmingway would say."

One never finishes knowing Michael Jordan and the stories that made him the huge legend that he is right now. He faced Ewing in the NBA when both players made it to the league. As for Bias, we never got to see a duel between him and MJ.

A lot of people say Bias was going to be the biggest competition for Michael Jordan in the NBA, but he died just days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics in the 1986 NBA draft.

That would have been great a great story to see on TV, but it was hard to leave the others anecdotes out of the 10-part docuseries. Still, Hehir made sure to let everybody know that Jordan worked his way to the top since he was young during that interview.