Lonzo Ball Reveals The Best Advice He Ever Got From LeBron James

Lonzo Ball Reveals The Best Advice He Ever Got From LeBron James

Lonzo Ball's tenure with the Purple and Gold was short-lived, but it doesn't mean it was completely fruitless.

In his episode of Who’s Interviewing Who from Uninterrupted, the young point guard detailed one of his lasting memories of his time with the team, the time LeBron James gave him some advice amid a rough season.

“I think the best advice I got was from LeBron so far, he sat me down one time in the locker room. Obviously, he’s been through everything, he kinda knew all the crazy stuff I was going through when I first got to the league and he told me ‘Keep the main thing, the main thing’.

That probably stuck with me the most. Once you take care of what you got to take care of on the court, the everything falls into place.”

It's rare to get that kind of perspective on LeBron. But after so many years of being successful in the NBA, it's no surprise that he has his priot=rities all figured out.

If you focus on the court and play your best game, everything else will follow.

And while 'Zo still has room for improvement, he has definitely gotten a whole lot better since leaving L.A. He's become a solid 3-and-D player and a valuable core member for the New Orleans Pelicans.

This summer, he's set to receive a sizeable contract -- all thanks to the strides she has made on the court.