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Los Angeles Lakers' Dennis Schroder On Chris Paul's Influence: "Leadership, How He Talks To Teammates, What He Brings To The Table Every Game. He’s 35 Years Old But He Took Care Of His Body. He’s Just A Great Guy And Top Five Of All-Time Point Guards”

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Los Angeles Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder had a great year in Oklahoma City before getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. Schroder shot a career-best 38.5% from 3PT range while dropping 18.9 PPG. Schroder is a great point guard who brings more of a scoring punch than Rajon Rondo, who left for the Atlanta Hawks. Schroder also brings some shot creation on the perimeter, something that the Lakers needed to upgrade their roster.

Schroder's former teammate Chris Paul, is held in high esteem by the now Lakers guard. Everyone knew Chris Paul as a wily veteran and one of the best point guards of his era: In an article by Damian Burchardt of Lakers Nation, Schroder dives into his leadership and his thoughts on Paul's professionalism.

Schroder emphasized Paul’s influence on his career both on and off the court. “Leadership, how he talks to teammates, what he brings to the table every game. He’s 35 years old but he took care of his body. He’s just a great guy and top five of all-time point guards,” he said.

We can see that Schroder holds Paul in high esteem. As someone who has had disputes with former teammates such as James Harden, perhaps his reputation was slightly tarnished. But here, Schroder speaks glowingly of the former Oklahoma City point guard. Top 5 All-Time may be high for some, but Paul has the accolades to warrant it.

It seems that after spending just one year with a legendary guard like Chris Paul, Schroder has developed an admiration for the veteran. On the Thunder, Paul exercised nothing but the utmost professionalism towards the team and the organization. Paul made an All-Star game by leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to the playoffs; perhaps if Schroder can be a big presence behind Anthony Davis and LeBron James, he can be a fringe All-Star. Hopefully, the experience that Paul showed on the Thunder can pay off for Schroder, who could use it to become a better player for the Lakers.