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Lou Williams On What He Told Trae Young Before His Game-Winner: "I Just Told Him Don't Pass The Ball. That Was My Advice. This Is Your Team."

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Even though he considered retirement after being traded by the Los Angeles Clippers, Lou Williams has found himself in an excellent position to compete with the interesting Atlanta Hawks.

Nate McMillan has done a terrific job with this team, taking them to the 5th position in the East, going toe-to-toe with another surprise, the New York Knicks. Their first duel between these two was a big one, with Trae Young calling game with less than one second on the clock.

Williams gave Young a piece of valuable advice ahead of his play, telling him to go win the game and not think about anything else.

“I just told him don’t pass the ball,” Williams said. “That was my advice. You trick yourself into thinking you’ve got to make a play. Hey, man, go win the basketball game. This is your team. These guys have put the franchise on your shoulders as well as the other young guys. You’re the point guard. Go win the basketball game.”

In the end, Trae made a floater that gave his team a huge win to steal the home-court advantage. These teams will play this Wednesday again, with the Knicks hoping to tie the series. As for Young and Williams, they are ready to increase their lead before returning to Atlanta.