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Lou Williams Spotted Partying At Strip Club With Jack Harlow After Leaving The Bubble

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Lou Williams recently left the NBA bubble in Orlando due to ‘personal reasons’, worrying a lot of Clippers fans about their players. Williams is one of five players out of the bubble for the Clips, something that doesn’t please their followers and their coaching staff.

The reason why so many players have exited the bubble remains undisclosed but Williams might have more than one reason to leave the Walt Disney World a week before the season opener. This is worse if you have in mind that the Clippers will play on the first day against the Lakers. They need everybody ready and Lou Will’s absence doesn’t help them.

The sixth man, however, was spotted partying with rapper Jack Harlow in recent hours after given permission of leaving the bubble. It was Harlow who posted a picture with Williams, which he quickly deleted, probably after the player asked him to do so.

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Still, NBA fans don’t let anybody go away without facing repercussions. They connected the dots and discovered where the Clippers guard was spending the night.

DJ Matta, who was playing at Strip Club Magic City, tagged Jack Harlow thanking him for coming to his party. Considering that Williams was with Harlow, it was easy to figure he was at the strip club, too.

After that, Williams shared a couple of posts on social media, the first one talking about his grandfather, who recently passed away.

dj matta screen
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Following that, the 6MOY award winner sent a message to those who believed he was partying.

“Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is. Ain’t nobody partying. Chill out lol #Maskon #inandout”

This is not a good situation for Williams. He’ll probably have to explain this to his teammates and coaches as soon as he returns to the bubble. Yes, he said the last goodbye to his grandpa but also took the chance to do some different activities one week before his Clippers restart the season against their biggest rivals.