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Luka Doncic And Dirk Nowitzki Reunited In Sweden And Dirk Hilariously Squeezed Luka's Belly Fat

Luka Doncic And Dirk Nowitzki Reunited In Sweden And Dirk Hilariously Squeezed Luka's Belly Fat

Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic are two of the biggest superstars that the Dallas Mavericks fans have had the benefit of enjoying as their leading men throughout the years. What makes it even more incredible is the fact that Luka and Dirk played a season together for the Mavs during Luka's rookie year, getting close and being able to have a type of passing of the torch moment. 

And while there are many similarities between the two, like the fact that they're both European, there's another slightly funny thing that makes the two similar as well. Both Dirk and Luka were often accused of not being in excellent basketball shape, being considered a bit unathletic, although Nowitzki changed that and led Dallas to a title. 

Luka still has many fans keeping a constant eye on his weight and speculating about his fitness, and when the two met ahead of Slovenia's game against Sweden, Dirk hilariously drew attention to it by seemingly squeezing Luka's belly. 

Doncic was seemingly spurred on by Dirk's presence, leading his team to a narrow victory against the Swedes while putting up 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists, something that NBA fans have gotten used to thanks to his consistent offensive dominance. 

And the moment with Dirk was the icing on the top for Doncic, who is on great terms with the big German. Luka also seems to have gotten in better shape, with pictures of his arms from one of Slovenia's games in recent weeks going viral

The Slovenian phenom carried the Dallas Mavericks to the Western Conference Finals last season before they fell to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors and will be hoping to reach the next stage the following season. The free agency loss of Jalen Brunson will likely hurt the team, but if Dirk's ribbing can add to what is already motivating Luka, it would be hard to bet against him and the Mavs next season.