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Luka Doncic Gets Mad At Stephen Curry And The Warriors For Taunting After Made No-Look Three

Luka Doncic Gets Mad At Steph Curry And The Warriors For Taunting After Made No-Look Three

The Dallas Mavericks had yet another tough night against the Golden State Warriors. The Mavericks were finally playing in the American Airlines Center at home where they have been 5-1 in the playoffs but came out with a cold start. However, the Mavericks found a way to be competitive before Stephen Curry started shooting the Warriors into a double-digit lead.

Everyone knows that Steph is going to showboat when he is on fire. This is something that even Dorian Finney-Smith spoke about before Game 3, but it seems it cut a little too deep for Luka after Curry decided to drill a no-look three on the Mavericks' home court. 

Luka was jawing at Steph and the Warriors after the play, as Steph went to his teammates who were taunting Doncic. Draymond Green was yelling over at Luka as people got between them to make sure the situation doesn't escalate.

Doncic doesn't take kindly to being disrespected. We saw this against the Phoenix Suns after Devin Booker mocked Doncic in a press conference and then in a game by flopping. Luka said everybody is tough when they are up and engineered a comeback from down 2-0. The Warriors are acting tough when they are up, but the Mavericks are yet to respond.

Luka ball will not help the Mavericks advance through the NBA playoffs anymore and the Warriors seem to be the stopping point. Their championship-caliber play is a little too hard for this team to overcome in their first trip beyond the first round since 2011.

Hopefully, we can get a competitive series with the Mavericks winning Game 3. If they can put up a fight, all the fans and players will definitely leave the season with a positive aura around their achievements, whereas a sweep seems to be diminishing what they have earned this season in terms of respect around the league.