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Luka Doncic Goes After Marcus Morris After Getting Fouled Hard At The Basket

(via Twitter/Hoop Central)

(via Twitter/Hoop Central)

The Mavericks vs. Clippers series has been one of the best matchups of the entire postseason. Stacked with talent and rich with storylines, there's a lot at stake for both these teams, and it is clear tension has been building between them since Game 1.

In particular, the relationship between Luka Doncic and Clippers big man Marcus Morris seems to be most heated, and it's easy to see why. Throughout the series, Morris has been taking it to Luka. At one point, fans were even convinced he was trying to intentionally hurt the young Dallas star.

Later, Luka told the media he had no desire to speak to Morris on account of "all the terrible things" he has said to him throughout the series. In Game 6, it seems things are starting to boil over because, after yet another hard could by Morris, Doncic was ready to attack...

Doncic would have a little face-to-face with Marcus as they both walked down the court, and it clearly was not a pleasant conversation.

Morris was ejected from the game, (much to the displeasure of Clippers coach Doc Rivers), but something says this won't be the last thing we see from this budding rivalry.

Emotions are clearly running high on all sides of the court and this Luka/Morris story is proof of that. But, seriously, did you expect anything different? In these crazy, stressful times, during the NBA playoffs, anybody could have seen this coming.