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Magic Johnson Reveals He Had Sex With Six Women At One Time: “Some Women Have Different Fantasies”

Magic Johnson Signed A 25-Year, $25 Million Contract With The Los Angeles Lakers In 1981

Magic Johnson was a superstar during his time in the NBA. Upon entering the league in the 80s, Johnson capped off his rookie season with an NBA Championship and a Finals MVP under his belt. 

Johnson was one of the most successful players in the NBA, winning 5 NBA championships during his historic career. While Johnson initially started off as a forward, his incredible passing ability and range allowed him to move to the point guard position, where he became arguably the greatest play the role.

But Johnson's career got cut short due to his HIV diagnosis. Johnson was only 32 at the time, and at the peak of his powers. But he had to walk away from the game because of the illness. 

Johnson became a powerful voice in the battle against HIV, becoming an ambassador for those suffering from it, and worked to fight the stigma against the disease.

Johnson did make a short return to playing in the NBA in 1996 when he returned to the Lakers for a part of the 1995-96 season. Johnson was just a few months away from possibly playing with Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant

But he chose to retire the season before they came to LA. Regardless, Johnson's place in the NBA was cemented as one of the most iconic players of his time.

Magic: “Like I said women have different fantasies. Some want to be with 2-3 at a time. One time I had 6 at one time.”

Interviewer: “Was that their fantasy or your fantasy?”

Magic: “Both. Probably more so their’s than mine”


“I’m not sending any mixed messages, that was my life. If you ask me if I had fun, I had fun. ‘Did you enjoy your fantasies?’ Yes I did. But you pay for it.”

But Johnson's private life was never in the limelight until after his career. Johnson did an interview post-retirement (credit to Instagram account @ProCityHoops, swipe to 7th slide) where he talked about a lot of subjects from his personal life.

When the topic of his romantic life came up, Johnson revealed that he once had sex with 6 women at one time. Johnson also iterated that he wasn't glorifying his earlier lifestyle, but he wasn't hiding behind it. He did enjoy it, but he understood the cost of it later.

Johnson spoke candidly about his experiences as a young superstar in the NBA. But he was very responsible and honest in talking about his situation. One thing is for sure; Magic Johnson will always be remembered as one of the all-time greats.