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Magic Johnson Shouted Out Trae Young For His Playoff Run During The Filming Of NBA Lane: "I Want Some More Of That, Alright?"

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Trae Young is one of the best point guards in the league, and he's certainly shown that he can bring a team deep into the playoffs. Young managed to get to the Eastern Conference Finals without another All-Star teammate, and eliminated two teams that were seeded higher than the Hawks in the process. 

It seems as though Trae Young's exploits have caught the attention of one of the game's legends in Magic Johnson. During the filming of the NBA's recent "NBA Lane" commercial, Magic Johnson took the time to congratulate Trae Young for how far he got and stating that he wants "more" of Trae Young's postseason exploits. A compliment from the greatest point guard of all time is certainly something to be positive about.

That playoff was stupid. I want some more of that alright?

There is no question that after his most recent playoff run, Trae Young has gotten more fans to take notice of the Atlanta Hawks. They had a good run, and now, they need to win once again next season. But things may not be as easy for them in 2021-22. The Eastern Conference has gotten tougher, and the road to the Finals is going to feature them facing some fairly talented teams.

That being said, it seems as though Trae Young is confident in his team and himself, and even right after the loss, he stated his belief that the Atlanta Hawks would return to the Conference Finals. While they certainly haven't made any earth-shattering moves during the offseason, perhaps the development of some of their younger players will offset not making a splash.

It remains to be seen how well the Atlanta Hawks do next season, but with Trae Young as their leader, there is no ceiling to what they can accomplish. While a lot of people don't expect the Hawks to make huge strides in the East, they've surprised everyone already, and they could easily do it again.