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Marc J. Spears On Why Kemba Walker Is A Great Fit With Knicks: "Shooting, Passing, One-Two Scoring Punch With Derrick Rose, Character, But The Main Thing Is Embracing Coming Home."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The New York Knicks had been looking for a starting-caliber point guard for some time now. And they got a huge bargain to sign NY native Kemba Walker after his buyout with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kemba didn't exactly find success during his brief stint with the Boston Celtics. But he's lived the most iconic moments of his career at Madison Square Garden even before making it to the league.

Walker has New York ties and will hopefully be at full strength next season. That, plus his scoring ability, made senior NBA writer Marc J. Spears say that he's going to have a huge impact on the Knicks next season:

“I got a couple of reasons. Shooting, passing, one-two scoring punch with Derrick Rose, character, but the main thing is embracing coming home. This is a great time for this 31-year old to get back to New York close to the Bronx where he was a superstar in high school… Assuming that Kemba can stay healthy coming back home at this stage of his career is certainly healthy for his soul too. Because they’re going to be rooting for the hometown kid," Spears said in an interview with ESPN.

Walker outgrew the Charlotte Hornets before trying to replace Kyrie Irving in Boston. Sadly, things didn't always go his way and he struggled to be at his best with that many scorers around him.

Also, a knee injury kept him off the court for a significant portion of last season, as well as limiting him on back-to-backs.

The Knicks are coming off their best season in a decade and will look to build on that success with a hometown kid running the point. Hopefully, he'll be exactly what they need to complete their resurgence and go back to championship contention.