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Marcus Smart Says He Still Has Glass In His Hand From Punching Picture Frame 4 Years Ago

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In 2018, Celtics guard Marcus Smart raised some eyebrows after he admitted to punching a picture frame in a fit of anger and rage.

In a short apology on Twitter, he admitted to being embarrassed and disappointed by the ordeal, which ended up costing him several games.

"I want to take this time to express my sincerest apologies to my teammates, coaches, and most of all the amazing Boston Celtics fans," Smart tweeted. "I'm embarrassed and disappointed in my actions. I swiped at and hit a picture frame on the wall. I feel like I let y'all down."

It was a weird story at the time, but everyone forgot about it pretty quickly. That is, everyone except Smart.

Following the Celtics’ 107-97 road win over the Pelicans Saturday night, spectators couldn't help but notice Smart holding his right hand during the game. When asked about it, Smart revealed that he's feeling some pain and discomfort in the area.

As it turns out, that wall decor he swiped years ago lodged some glass into his arm that remains there today. Apparently, it gets so bad that there are times when Smart "can't even feel" his own hand. 

Marcus Smart was asked if his right hand is sore: “Yeah, it gets like this ever since the picture frame incident. There’s still some glass in there. The doctors said it would cause more issues to take it out, so I still have glass in there. Sometimes I can’t really feel my hand.”

Players get heated all the time after the final buzzer, and we've seen stuff like chairs and towels get thrown around before.

Unfortunately for Smart, that seemingly innocent moment of punching a picture frame is having some long-lasting consequences.

Perhaps, going forward, it will make others think twice before taking a swing at inanimate objects.