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Mark Jackson: "LeBron James Changed The Game And Doesn’t Get Enough Credit For That."

LeBron James

On the court, LeBron James is easily one of the most impactful players in the game. What he does for the Lakers, game after game, is truly extraordinary, and it's easy to see how his arrival to the team in 2019 made the franchise title contenders almost overnight.

But James has also made an impact in other ways, and people are starting to talk about it.

In an appearance on Club Shay Shay, former NBA guard Mark Jackson went into some detail about how King James has changed the NBA landscape forever.

(via Club Shay Shay)

"LeBron James changed the game, and he doesn’t get enough credit for that. He changed the game not only as a basketball player, but he changed the game as a businessman. He allowed guys to realize the power that they have...

LeBron changed the game for guys to understand the power that they have as a businessman and making the right decisions. So when Kevin Durant decides he wants to go to Golden State, that is alright. And then he decides he wants to leave Golden State and go to Brooklyn, and it’s alright. People realize it’s their future and their legacy, so they have to make the right decision."

A lot of people blame LeBron, in a negative way, for how he has altered the culture e within.

While superteams existed before the "Big Three" in Miami, it was that team, built on the back of James, that really put the whole idea in the spotlight. His movement to Miami, back to Cleveland, and to L.A. also helped propel the player empowerment movement we're seeing full force today.

James has brought a new level of power to the NBA's top players, the like of which haven't been seen before.

Love it or hate it, he certainly deserves credit for having that kind of impact on a league that existed long before he was even born.